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Where do you put EMI filter?

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Where do you put EMI filter?

An Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filter is typically placed in electronic systems to reduce or eliminate electromagnetic interference that can affect the proper functioning of the system or cause disturbances to other nearby electronic devices. The specific placement of an EMI filter depends on the nature of the interference and the characteristics of the system. Here are common locations where EMI filters are placed:

Power Input

AC Mains Input: EMI filters are often placed at the power input of electronic devices to filter out electromagnetic interference from the mains power supply.

DC Power Input: In DC-powered systems, EMI filters may be placed at the input of the DC power supply to prevent interference from reaching the sensitive components of the system.

Signal Lines

Input/Output Signal Lines: EMI filters may be installed on input and output signal lines to prevent interference from affecting the signals being transmitted or received by the electronic device.

Communication Lines: In devices with communication interfaces (such as USB, Ethernet, HDMI, etc.), EMI filters can be placed on these communication lines to reduce the risk of electromagnetic interference.

Internal Circuitry

Near Sensitive Components: EMI filters can be integrated into the internal circuitry, especially near sensitive components, to suppress interference generated within the device itself.

Cable Harnesses

At Cable Entry/Exit Points: If a device has external cables (power cords, data cables, etc.), EMI filters may be placed at the entry or exit points of these cables to prevent interference from entering or leaving the device.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB):

On the PCB: EMI filters can be integrated directly onto the PCB, strategically placed near components or traces that are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic interference.


Inside the Enclosure: In some cases, EMI filters may be placed inside the device's enclosure to reduce radiated emissions and protect against external interference.

It's important to note that the placement of EMI filters should be based on a careful analysis of the specific EMI sources and susceptible components in the electronic system. The goal is to mitigate both conducted and radiated interference effectively. Additionally, compliance with relevant electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards and regulations is crucial when designing and placing EMI filters in electronic systems.

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