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Electromagnetic radiation source in daily life III

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Today we will still introduce details about common sources of electromagnetic radiation in bedroom.

Electric heating: Radiation index: ★★★★☆

The result of electric heating in close distance test is: the above radiation is 1. 8 µt, side 5.4 µt, large radiation strength. The radiation is reduced to 0.14 µt when tested 1m far. The radiation was 9. 3 µt when closed to the heat and at half a meter, front of it is 0.34 µt, and back is 0.25 µt,

The operating voltage frequency of electric heating is 50Hz, radiation source is mainly 50Hz power frequency.

Mobile phone: Radiation index ★★★★☆

In the standby case, the radiation value of the phone is 0 µW/ ㎝and the cell phone radiation reaches 301 µW/ ㎝ and about 3 µt(microTesla instantly during the call,greater than the security value of 0.2 µt.

Working frequency of the mobile phone: 30MHz-2000Mhz, radiation source is mainly high-frequency electromagnetic wave radiation.

Electric blanket: Radiation index ★★★★★

In high-grade use, near the power supply is 0.71 µt, power left is 1.15 µt, power right is 0.71 µt, electric blanket center is 0.55 µt; In low-grade, power left is 0.70 µt, power right is 0.49 µt.

The operating frequency of 50HZ, radiation source is mainly 50Hz working frequency.

Lighting lamp: Radiation index ★☆☆☆☆

Table lamp of master bedroom, its radiation value is 0.17 μT, children use energy saving eye protection desk lamp, the radiation value is about 0.11 μT, study room using desk lamp, its radiation is 0.1 μT. Test results for fluorescent light: Master Bedroom 0.12 μT, Living Room 0.18 μT, Study room 0.11 μT, and cartoon wall lights for children, radiating 0.11 μT.

Working frequency of lamps: 50Hz-60Hz, radiation source is mainly 50Hz working frequency.

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