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EMC Design Classic Q & A Ⅵ

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Q1:Basic problems in EMC: some EMC problems often encountered in certification

The most common problems in general electronic products are: RE-- radiation, CE-- conduction, ESD-- static electricity.

Communication electronics include not only RE,CE,ESD, but also Surge-- surge (lightning strike)

The problems happen of medical devices are ESD-- static electricity, EFT-- transient pulse anti - interference, CS-- conduction interference, RS-- radiation interference

For the northern dry areas, ESD requirements are very high.

For Sichuan and some southwest more thunder areas, EFT lightning protection requirements are very high.

Q2:How to choice  shielding materials when design shielding chassis?

From the perspective of electromagnetic shielding, the type of screened electric field waves is mainly considered. For electric field waves, plane waves or high frequency magnetic field waves, the general metal can meet the requirements, for low frequency magnetic field waves, materials with high magnetic conductivity should be used.

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