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What is shielding room&anechoic chamber& shielding cabinet?

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What is shielding room&anechoic chamber& shielding cabinet?

What is shielding room?

Shielding room is an important part in EMC. It is a steel plate house and the cold rolled steel plate is the main shielding material. It  has six-sided shell, door, windows and other general housing elements, only electromagnetic sealing performance is required strictly, and all incoming and outgoing pipelines are shielding treated to block the electromagnetic radiation.


What is anechoic chamber?

Anechoic chamber is a closed space that used of absorbing materials to create a pure electromagnetic environment. All of absorbing materials can be used as anechoic chamber materials , the main material is polyurethane absorbing sponge SA( high frequency use). In addition, when testing the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic products, ferrite absorbing materials will be used because of the low frequency.


What is shielding cabinet?

The shielding cabinet is a shielding body made of conductive or magnetic conductive material, which limits the electromagnetic ability to a certain space to suppress the radiation interference, and processes the conduction and radiation to provide a non-interference test environment for the wireless communication equipment under test.


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