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The difference between absorbing and shielding materials

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There are variety of materials used in shielding room, such as absorbing material and shielding material, so what is the difference between absorbing material and shielding material?

Absorbing material

Absorbing material  is a kind of material that can absorb the energy of electromagnetic wave projected on its surface. It converts incident electromagnetic waves into heat energy or other forms of energy through various loss mechanisms of materials to absorb electromagnetic waves.


Shielding material

Shielding material is a kind of material that can isolate metal between two space regions to control the induction and radiation of electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetic wave from one region to another. Specifically, the material used to make shielding bodies.


The difference between absorbing and shielding materials

The electromagnetic wave of the absorbing material can not get in and out, but the electromagnetic shielding material does not necessarily reflect the electromagnetic wave, but reduces the amount of electromagnetic wave reaching the other side of the shielding material by absorption or reflection. The electromagnetic shielding material is to shield the material and make the electromagnetic wave emitter as little as possible to receive the influence of the electromagnetic wave.

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