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International standard for sockets with USB power supply is released

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In October 2021, the IEC issued the standard IEC 60884-3-1:2021 Plug Sockets for Home and Similar Use-Part 3-1: Special Requirements for Sockets with USB Power Supply, which means that sockets with USB power supply may enter the standardized track, and related production and export enterprises need to pay high attention.


Different from electrical appliances, lamps and lanterns and other products, the plug socket versatility is not high, almost a country is a certification mark, and the general implementation of mandatory certification.In the plug socket standard adoption, it can be divided into the IEC-based plug socket standard and the non-IEC plug socket standard.IEC is abbreviated as International ElectroCommission, the standard for plug socket is set by its TC23 Technical Committee.The new standards affected by the countries are mainly China, South Korea, the EU and other countries based on IEC standards.Yuyao customs suggested related production and export enterprises practice "internal work", organize technical personnel to study the new standards, focus on new design products or certified products meet the requirements of the new standards, especially electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic field and USB power supply, at the same time highly pay attention to the target market standard effective time, in order to occupy the market opportunity before the national standard mandatory.

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