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Electromagnetic radiation source in daily life II

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Today we will continue introduce details about common sources of electromagnetic radiation in daily life。

Kitchen radiation source:


Refrigerator: radiation index ★☆☆☆☆

Outside the door 0.13 µt,inside the Door (Open) 0.16 µt.

Electromagnetic cooker and electric hot pot: radiation index: ★★★★☆

0.1 m above cooker is 2.80 µt, above cooker 0.30 is 1.40 µt, in front close to the cooker is 8.70 µt and in front 0.3 m is 1.00 µt.

The operating frequency of the cooker is 20KHz~30KHz, radiation source is mainly low-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Range hood: radiation index ★☆☆☆☆

0.38 µt, Front 0.1 m shutdown moment at 0.1 m front startup state 0.11 µt.

The range hood works on the rotation of the motor, working principle is the magnetic effect of current, operating frequency: 50Hz.

Rice cooker: Radiation index: ★★☆☆☆

Rice cooker front is 0.16 μT.

Working frequency of rice cooker: 50Hz-60Hz, radiation source is mainly 50Hz working frequency.

Microwave: Radiation index: ★★★★★

Medium range fire: 0.05 m 17.32 µW/ ㎝, 0.3 m front joint: 2.01 µW/ ㎝ 1 m: 0.41 µW/ ㎝, microwave oven door center: 1 m 150.7 µW/ ㎝ from the door, the test results show the maximum radiation at microwave startup (about 0.05m from the door) 18 to 22 µW/ ㎝)

Working frequency of microwave oven: 2.4G Hz, radiation source is mainly high-frequency electromagnetic wave radiation.

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