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Electromagnetic radiation source in daily life I

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Warm tips: electromagnetic radiation is divided into two levels, μT andμW/ ㎝ 2. It will has a certain harm to human body if the radiation is above 0.4 μT, long-term exposure is prone to leukemia. . If radiation below 0.4 μT, the radiation is relatively safe. If severe radiation is above 10 μW/ ㎝ 2 ,it will harm to human body.

As a professional power filter manufacturer, which says most is all kinds of electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation, so what are the common sources of electromagnetic radiation in daily life?

Living room radiation source:

Power junction board: Radiation index ★☆☆☆☆

Distance of 0.05 m, its radiation value is 0.11 μT. High power is connected to 1.25 μT. It is recommended not to put it near the bed.

Laptop:Radiation index ★☆☆☆☆

Front Display 0.1 m is 0.13 µt, Front Display 0.3 m is 0.10 µt, Display Side 0.3 m is 0.13 µt, keyboard above is 0.19 µt, Power adapter is 0.22 µt. laptop keyboard slightly stronger radiation, the power adapter is maximum. Notetop radiation is concentrated above the keyboard and should be kept far away from the power adapter.

Vacuum cleaner: Radiation index ★★★★★

Handle distance of 0.05 m: 6.64 µt; Left side center: 4.22 µt, Back of 0.3 m: 0.15 µt.

Operating frequency of the vacuum cleaner (Hz): 50 / 60Hz, and the radiation source is mainly 50Hz working frequency.

Refrigeration and drinking water cooler: Radiation index ★★★☆☆

Put the detector about 5 cm directly in front of the water cooler and the measured data is 2.16 µt, When the refrigeration compressor is running, the radiation will rapidly climb to 18.53 µt.

Working frequency of cooling water cooler: 50Hz, radiation source is mainly 50Hz working frequency.

LCD TV: Radiation index ★☆☆☆☆

Half a meter of the front, the radiation value is 0.12 µt at the moment of normal startup,, the normal viewing is 0.30 µt, standby state is 0.11 µt, and in the side of normal viewing, the radiation value is 0.28 µt, 3 meters of the front radiation has a great attenuation: any state is 0.12 µt.

LCD TV frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz or 100Hz or 120Hz.

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