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EMC learning websites

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Today we’ll  recommend several EMC learning websites,listed as below.

1、安规与电磁兼容   http//www.safetyemc.cn/

2、我爱电磁兼容网  http//www.52emc.com/

3、电磁兼容小小家  http//www.emcstudy.net/

4、EDA365 助力硬件研发  http//www.eda365.com/

5、微波射频网  http//www.mwrf.net/

6、电子发烧友  http//www.elecfans.com/

7、Ofweek维科网  http//www.ofweek.com/

8、EEPW电子产品世界  http//www.eepw.com.cn/

9、电源网  http//www.dianyuan.com/

10、21ic中国电子网  http//www.21ic.com/

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