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EMC Design Classic Q & A II

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1Q.In order to do well in EMC, what basic knowledge is needed, and what courses should I learn?

A:Firstly,you need to understand some standards of EMC, such as EN55022(GB9254), EN55024, and the test principles,also the use of EMI components, such as capacitance, magnetic beads, differential mode inductance, common mode inductance, etc. On PCB level you need to learn the layout of the PCB, stacked structure, the impact of high-speed wiring on the EMC and some rules. Another point is how to analyze and solve the EMC problems.

2Q.What should we learn If we want to do a good job in PCB design? Also, where do we find the knowledge of safety regulations encountered in PCB design?

A:1. Familiar with and master PCB related design software, such as POWERPCB/CANDENCE;

2. Familiar with the specific architecture of the designed product, schematic circuit knowledge, including digital and analog knowledge;

3. Master PCB processing process, process, maintainable processing requirements;

4. Master the PCB board high-speed signal integrity, EMI and EMS, and related knowledge of SI, PI simulation design;

5. If the related work involves RF, we also need to master RF knowledge;

6. For PCB design safety knowledge mainly depends on GB4943 or UL60950, general insulation spacing requirements can be obtained through the table!

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