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Certificate institute &Logo II

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Certificate institute &Logo II


The safety certification of products in Australian and New Zealand are developed and revised by the SAI Global (original SAA) supervisor.The product can be coded on the C-TickA-Tick after passing the certification.

C-TickA-Tick are parts of EMC and regulated by ACA-Australia Community Association


FCC is an independent body of the U.S. government that is accountable to Congress directly. According to the relevant parts of the Federal Communications Act (part CFR47), EMC certification is required for all electronic products that enter into United States.

Products with FCC certification marks also meet the standards set by: ULANSICSAASMEASTMASSENSF


ETL is the exclusive symbol of the ITS which is the world's leading quality and safety service company. The US federal authorities do not have any mandatory certification requirements for electrical products, recognizing that most certification bodies, including ETLUL, that recognized by OSHA.


VCCI is the emc certification mark of japan. VCCI certification is non-mandatory, but information technology products sold in Japan generally require VCCI certification.


PSE (Product Safety of Electrical Appliances & Materials) certification is a mandatory market access system for Japanese electrical supplies. PSE include EMC and security.


Mandatory product safety certification system uses EK safety signs in Korea. Safety test is the main part in EK certification, while EMC test is complementary.

Energy Star:

"Energy Star" is an energy-saving mark launched by the U.S. Energy Department and the Environmental Protection Agency in 1992. It is an efficient product with power consumed lower than the minimum power consumption ,and it has become a sign of energy saving and environmental protection.

Usually when choose power line filters, sometimes there are requirements for product certification. Parts of our filters can meet the CE and UL.

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