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Certificate institute &Logo I

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Certificate institute &Logo I

1.China 3C

3C certification is an abbreviation of China Compulsory Certification. It’s a unified logo that used by the state for compulsory product certification. All products listed in the compulsory product certification catalogue must be certified by the national designated certificate institute, and only can be sold after getting the relevant certification and certification mark.


EC” is an abbreviation of Communate Europpeneand it means the European Community. "CE" is considered as the passport that the manufacturer opens and enters the European market.

3.American UL

UL is an abbreviation of Underwriter Laboratories Inc. UL covers a wide range of products . The goal is to obtain a reasonably safe standard of goods for the market  and assure personal health and property safety.

4.CB certification

The official name of the CB system is Scheme of the IECEE for Mutual Recognition of Test Certificates for Electrical Equipment. It is the first real international system for mutual recognition of electrical product safety test reports.

5.VDE certification 

VDE Testing and Certification Institute is an institute of  Verband Ceutscher Elektrotechniker. It is one of the most experienced certification institute in Europe with a high reputation in the world.

6.GS certification

The meaning of GS is "Geprufte Sicherheit" security has been certified and" Germany Safety" in German. Although GS is the German standard, but the majority of European countries agree that it is security certification mark in the European market.

7.CSA certification

CSA is an abbreviation of Canadian Standards Association. As one of the most famous certification institute in North America, CSA certification can make you products enter the American and Canadian markets quickly and effectively.

Usually when choose power line filters, sometimes there are requirements for product certification. Parts of our filters can meet the CE and UL.

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