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Can the shielding room be expanded?

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Can the shielding room be expanded?

The answer to this question is:The shielding room can be expanded by adopting professional project and technical measures. However, due to the special requirements of materials, technology and shielding effect, the expansion process is more complex than ordinary room, which needs to consider in building load bearing, layout of room and renovation of supporting facilities.


Several problems should be considered in the expansion of the shielding room;

1The shielding room has higher load bearing requirements. Before drawing up the expansion plan, the floor bearing capacity of the building should be verified first

(2)As the high cost , the economic index should be taken into account when formulating the expansion plan

3In the expansion process, the requirements of construction technology should be strictly carried out to ensure the shielding efficiency after expansion

4The expansion scheme needs to optimize the characteristics of the shielding room

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