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5 important attributes to be considered in EMC analysis

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5 important attributes to be considered in EMC analysis

It has said that there are only two kinds of electronic engineers in the world: those who have experienced and have not experienced electromagnetic interference.With the improvement of PCB signal frequency, electromagnetic compatibility design is a problem that electronic engineers have to consider.


1.  5 important attributes to be considered in E M C analysis

There are five important attributes to consider when performing an EMC analysis of a product and design:


1.  Dimensions of key device

Physical dimensions of the emitter that produces the radiation.The RF (RF) current will produce an electromagnetic field that departs from the enclosure through shell leakage.The walk length on the PCB as a transmission path has a direct effect on the RF current.

2, Impedance matching

The impedance of the source and the receiver, and the transmission impedance in between them.

3. Time characteristics of the interference signal

Is this problem a continuous (periodic signal) event or only in a specific operating cycle (for example, a single event may be a key operation or electrical interference, periodic disk drive operation or network burst transmission).

4. The intensity of the interference signal

How strong is the source energy level, and how much potential does it have to produce harmful interference.

5. Frequency characteristics of the interference signals

Waveform observations using a spectrometer to see where the problem appears in the spectrum to find where the problem is.

In addition, the design habits of some low-frequency circuits need to pay attention to.

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