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Passive device &Active device

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Simply to say, devices that need energy sources are called active devices, on the contrary, devices that do not need energy sources are called passive devices.

Active devices are generally used for signal amplification, transformation and so on. Passive devices are used for signal transmission, or "signal amplification " through directional. Capacitors, resistors, inductors are passive devices.  IC modules are active devices.


1.Basic Definition of Passive Devices

If an electronic component does not have any power inside when it works, the device is called a passive device.

Passive components have two basic characteristics in terms of circuit properties:

1.Consume electricity or convert it into other forms of energy.

2.Just input the signal, do not need additional power to work.


Our company produce power line filters with passive devices, so the filters belong to  passive filters.

2.Basic Definition of Active Devices

If an electronic component works with a power supply inside it, the device is called an active device.

Active devices have two basic characteristics in terms of circuit properties:

1.It also consumes electricity.

2.In addition to input signal, there must be an external power supply to work.


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