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  Electrical Engineer  
  Job Description:
  1. Responsible for the technical development and application of the product.
  2. Solve and rectify the technical problems on the customer site.  
  3. Provide technical guidance and compile technical documents related to the design and process of new products.
  Salary Range: 4~8K
  Job Requirements:
  1. Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above, major in mechatronics or electrical automation, at least 3 years of working experience in electrical engineering and                automation.
  2. Knowledge Requirements: Familiar with electronic components and electronic circuits, familiar with the performance of common components and electrical                    schematics.
  3. Ability Requirements: AutoCAD to draw electrical diagrams and compile electrical device BOM tables. Office software will have strong hands-on ability.
  4. Quality Requirements: a strong sense of responsibility, psychological endurance and teamwork spirit.
  ※ Priority admission conditions:
  1. Residents in Changzhou.
  2. Some experience in electromagnetic compatibility is preferred
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